How I Assist

Expectant Couple


Offering Support

After the initial consultation we will meet about 2 times to go over birth plans/options, pain management& relaxation techniques and postpartum prep. I will officially be on call for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week starting 2 weeks before your due date and going until 1 week after your due date. My services also include at least 1 postpartum visit.

Mother and Baby


Here for You

Postpartum doula support gives parents time to recover as well as provides resources for information on breastfeeding, maternal mental health, community resources, and guidance on typical infant care. It can be a huge benefit for both parents and babies. This is a time to honor the changes taking place, to support physical health, and give time for the family to settle into their new roles. No matter whether you’d like to schedule one night of sleep for respite recovery, or you’d like to schedule daily or nightly care, I can provide support to handle your specialized needs. Having the support of an experienced, caring doula can be the mental and emotional assurance you need for your postpartum recovery to be easier and more manageable. I can take care of your new bundle at night and give you the tools during the day, so you can get some restful sleep and have the physical support to aid in the mental and physical coping that is so essential in those first few weeks.


Comfort, Relaxation & Pain Management

Did you know that massage helps an expectant Mom's body cope with constant changes due to pregnancy.

Massages help prevent premature babies and pregnancy complications.

Postnatal Massage helps Mom's body recover from the pregnancy and heal quicker!

You are growing a little human and/or taking care of a newborn... Be sure to take care of you too!